Topping my list of favourites in Pondicherry would be the HOTEL DE L’ORIENT on Rue Romain Rolland, which remains true to its Neemrana non-hotel ethic in its sublimely atmospheric CARTE BLANCHE courtyard restaurant. I honestly couldn’t decide which I liked more – the soup glacée aux concombres et amandes, a truly light and delicious cold soup made with cucumber and almonds or the equally refreshing figues séchées aromatisées à l’eau de rose (oranges, dates and dry figs in a salad dressed with rose water).

But is there’s only one thing you do in Pondicherry, it is this: stop by at the de l’Orient for the Calamar grille au fines herbs. My companion certified it as Discovery.
Vaidehi Iyer


Outlook Traveller

The atmosphere is very nice, the courtyard allows for a nice tree – enhancing the dinner experience. The service is authentically French.
Golden Chariot



Bengaluru, India

The meal was superb – created with individual attention to the recipient – further the ambience was mystical as the night grew on – more than this was the care and genuine concern to “serve” the guest! Come to London or Toronto (both of my homes) and remind them of how it’s done.
M. E. Clare Cowan


Canada & UK

An excellent meal! After a few months in India I was craving a glass of wine and a good steak and the Hotel de l’Orient satisfied all of my naughty desires! The service was very good and suitably attentive. Thank you!
Sarah & Ian


Scotland & England

Super meal! Our server was very attentive and made excellent recommendations. The Creole fish curry was exceptional, the dessert just right.
Claire & Malline


Pondicherry, India

We had a delicious meal and great service! The restaurant is beautiful. The desserts are amazing.
Amy & Jeff


New York, USA

Very good food & super service & ambience! Very courteous & pleasant staff. It’s been an absolute pleasure staying with you guys! Thanks
Gayathri & Kamal Futnani


Bengaluru, India

Fantastic meal, steak tastes like home. Thank You.
Julie & Zoe



What a dinner! After living in Pondicherry for six months, it was the best western meal that we ate. Moreover, service was delicious and very lovely! Every course was amazing in the mouth. Thanks for everything. Merry Christmas.



Excellent service, excellent food! Loved the place and the awesome ambience. Rate it as the best restaurant in Pondicherry and would definitely come back. Thank you for a wonderful time.
Bindi & Kanga



All of the food was delicious, especially the soups & steak. Very attentive service.
Laura & Walter


New York, USA


The various Neemrana properties, located all over India, offer fresh products available in that region. Our local cuisines with a different palate experience are for gourmets who travel with their taste buds – and also enjoy eating with their eyes!

The French presence in Pondicherry has left many a mark on the culture of the place, its architecture, and cuisine. A very interesting and subtle blend of South Indian and French culinary art produced the “Creole” cuisine which is served in Hotel de l’Orient. The recipes were passed on to the Chef by old Pondicherrian families and feature a mix of sea food, meats, vegetables and rice, all prepared with the right spices and touches.

A second dining-room is called “Carte Blanche”, which is a light-hearted reference to the old maps (called ‘cartes’ in French) of South India, hanging on the walls.

Broadly, we serve Continental and Creole cuisine with a few seafood dishes, to suit a range of tastes and palates.

The meats and sea-food are procured on a regular basis. We prefer not to deep freeze our foods for long durations or for non-seasonal offering.

Should you desire to taste a special dish or have a particular preference, you can certainly make a request at the previous meal, and the chefs will try and please you.